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Your love is a lie...

So... tomorrow's my birthday.
The big 1-9!
I'm not that excited.
I hope there's no party.
In case no one has noticed... I loveeee Talladega Nights.

I also enjoy the simple things in life, like eating pie. Chocolate pie to be exact.

There's nothing to blog about today. I'm starving. And bored.

Imma go scissor-kick my roomates in tha back of tha head.

Don't worry, be happy.
Okay, so I didn't actually throw war medals off the bridge.
However, I did have an interesting night at work last night.

As you probably know, I am a nurse's aid at the hospital. Right? Well last night, this really old dude got admitted into the ward where i do my night shifts... and since he was old and couldn't hardly walk, the doctor decided it would be cool if we catheterized him.
Guess who got the amazing luck of gettin' that job?
Well, it sure as hell wasn't me!
Oh wait, yes it was. It was me. So while I'm trying to catheterize this elderly guy, he's cussing me out. He's like "That fucking hurts, dammit!" and all this bullcrap. But being the nice person I am, I just apologized and went on.
Then as I was leaving, I heard him say that if I wasn't hot, he probably would've "beat her shitless". I was like, what the hell??

So then, I'm sittin up in our lil' nurses' station... chillin' out. We're playing some bowling on the good ol' Wii. Yes, that's what nurses really do when they're on night shift and not looking after your sick ass. Playing video games.
ANYWAY... I'm on fire. I'm gettin' strikes every time... UNTIL...
I got a little too excited, and hurt my shoulder. Dammit to hell. Had to quit playing after that.
To make matters worse, I looked in the mini-fridge...... all the mountain dew was gone.
That's the shits.

I was putting an IV in this little boy, and he cried.
A lot.
His mom made no effort to make it better, so I told him a story.
Wicked John, to be exact.
I love stores.
And little kids.
Go me!

Say what you need to say...

And this is what I need to say.
I'm bored to death. Seriously.

Today has been soooo boring. Except for when I watched Talledega Nights. That kicked ass.
What is it about Will Ferrel... he can make anything too damn funny.
I hate that commercial for Secret deodorant where the girl goes around looking for excuses to raise her arms and show her pits.
They're nothing speical... look like regular ol' pits to me.
However, since it would probably freak people out on the streets... I might try it one day.
Like the time I walked around walmart asking men with girlfriends around 'em if they were my baby's daddy. That was fun.
This is pointless.
I'm outie.